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Jackie Saccoccio, Portrait, 2013


anatomy [ LISTEN ]

1. your rocky spine - great lake swimmers 2. human - daughter 3. red right ankle - the decemberists 4. tongue is blue - the botticellis 5. sometimes i still feel the bruise - the mountain goats 6. soft skin - mountain man 7. in these arms - the swell season 8. as tall as cliffs - margot & the nuclear so and so’s 9. blue lips - regina spektor 10. heavy hands - cold specks 11. on a neck, on a spit - grizzly bear 12. air and i - sandycoates 13. strong shoulders - caroline smith and the good night sleeps 14. pretty little head - eliza rickman

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Close your eyes…

cease to know or to tell or to feel or to be your own ; listen

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you son of a mumford

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Paul Balmer ‘Cityscapes’

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Chuck + quotes

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"I don’t know what I’m going to do, but it’s not going to be that. I’m not going to throw my imagination away. I refuse to live down to expectation. If I can just hold out till I’m thirty, I’ll be incredible."

- Uncommon Women

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Happy Anniversary, Twin Peaks!
The pilot episode aired 24 years ago today, on April 8, 1990.